About Pete

Pete is the right candidate for Beavercreek!

Experienced Leader

  • Twenty-four years of “hands on” municipal government leadership.
  • He began his municipal career in Beavercreek and went on to become the Assistant City Manager in Fairborn.
  • He is a trustworthy, creative and honest innovator with the ability to mobilize a community around a common goal.
  • Expert knowledge in the fields of Economic Development, Parks and Recreation, Senior Services, Roadway and Infrastructure, Municipal Finance and City Administration.
  • Well-versed in government affairs and connected to the politicians and programs which can bring funding to Beavercreek.
  • Pete knows what questions to ask and where to find solutions to issues in order to make a positive impact in Beavercreek.
  • Pete is a credentialed City Manager through the International City Managers Association.

Learn more about Pete’s leadership and experience in local government >>

Life Long Resident of Beavercreek

With the exception of college, Pete has lived in Beavercreek his entire life. When selecting a place to start a family, there was no choice but Beavercreek!

Pete is a 1990 graduate of Beavercreek High School and a 1994 graduate of The Ohio State University.

After college, he began his municipal career with the City of Beavercreek before going on to eventually become the Assistant City Manager in Fairborn.

Family Oriented

While Pete works hard to ensure the success of Beavercreek, he has never lost sight of the needs of his family.

He has been married for 15 years to Amanda and has two amazing kids, Jack and Cara.

Pete has long recognized that Beavercreek is a wonderful community in which to raise a family.

Pete’s daughter Cara assists with blowing out the candles at her great grandma’s 92nd birthday!

“Grandma Joy” remains happy and healthy in her home in Beavercreek.

Keeping Beavercreek affordable and increasing senior services are two of Pete’s primary platform initiatives. Read about all of Pete’s platforms and initiatives >>

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