Pete’s Platform and Issues

When it comes to housing choices, school district and employment opportunities, Beavercreek is the premier destination in southwest Ohio. Pete believes strongly that the city needs to focus on several critical priorities in order to keep Beavercreek as the city of choice in the Miami Valley. Having nearly three decades in municipal government management, Pete knows the right questions to ask and the actions that need to be taken to provide effective and efficient government services.

  • Listen to the needs of all residents and ensure that Beavercreek is welcoming to all people.
  • Keep Beavercreek affordable. It is important to develop alternate funding sources in order to provide economic development incentives to continue to build a strong and vibrant business community. Furthermore, Pete would like to find alternate funding sources AND reduce the property tax burden on all residents.
  • Maintain a strong police force to keep Beavercreek residents and businesses safe.
  • Create a balanced budget and maintain a 20% general fund reserve. This issue became very evident during the response and clean-up expenses related to the tornado events and COVID pandemic.
  • Focus on economic development opportunities by creating a business friendly environment for start-ups and existing businesses alike.
  • Develop pride in the condition of municipal, personal and commercial properties to keep Beavercreek looking good and property values high.
  • Focus on properly planned development and redevelopment opportunities maintaining a strong commitment to high quality environmental standards including greenspace preservation.
  • Seek funding opportunities through state and federal grants to improve the city’s roadway and park infrastructure.
  • Support new and innovative senior adult services and recreational programming.
  • Cut through the political red tape to get things accomplished faster.
  • Work with surrounding jurisdictions to increase shared service opportunities to produce mutual efficiencies.
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