Beavercreek’s Year in Review


Authentic servant leadership is at the heart of who I am. I pledge to listen to and serve the citizens of Beavercreek with integrity each and every day. I am honored to represent your needs and will continue in 2024!


  • Diversified and Sustainable Revenue
    • Develop strategies to provide long-term operational stability and sustainability.
  • Engaged and Informed Community
    • Beavercreek’s vision can be achieved when the entire community is engaged, well informed and proud to call Beavercreek home.
  • Sustainable Infrastructure and Growth
    • The City has transitioned from being a growing community to one more focused on maintaining and sustaining its existing infrastructure. I will work hard on maintaining the desirability of our community.
  • Right-Size the City Workforce
    • The City workforce should be right-sized to meet the demands of today and prepared for the future.
  • Create and Maintain Family Friendly Parks
    • Parks are a cornerstone of the Beavercreek community a source of community pride, and an economic driver. I will work to develop funding strategies to keep our parks modern and safe. Plus, I will see that the new community park is built and sustainable.
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